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            Is a participatory theatre company That works in edutional and community settings To advance our understanding of social issues Through storytelling and improvisation

            Our Performances

            About Mirror Theatre

            Find Press, Publitions and Accolades about Mirror Theatre
            Discover Our Applied Theatre History
            Meet Our Board & Members

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            Mirror Theatre Performances

            These performances were designed for video/web distribution. We also provide live performances and workshops.

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            Mirror Theatre Process

            Behind the scenes of how we work. View examples and rehearsals & workshop ideas from Mirror Theatre.

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            Booking Mirror Theatre

            Book a current performance or workshop (live or virtual) or commission a project to meet your needs.

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            About Joe Norris

            Find a selection of Joe's publitions, awards, press and professional videos.

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            Joe's Collaborations and Colleagues

            Explore works "with" and "by" colleagues.

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            Joe's Classwork

            Performances created as part of classwork.

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